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Sampling & Monitoring
for Level 1A or1B

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Re-certification Courses

GESTI has developed a special course called Sampling & Monitoring Procedures (access Sampling & Monitoring Course Description). This course meets the criteria for Level 1A and Level 1B continuing education for the Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission and is approved for 4 Hours of instruction for Re-Certification. Individuals may choose to count these credit hours towards their Level 1A or Level 1B. Course topics include: Sampling Methods, Identifying Sample Points, Proper use of Turbidimeters, How to Prepare & Measure Samples, Reading Topo Maps, Record Keeping & Inspection Reports. Great course for Inspectors & Monitoring Consultants.

In addition to the Sampling & Monitoring course, GESTI will offer the standard GASWCC 4 Hour Re-Certification course for each Level. Individuals must have 4 hours of continuing education for each certificate level. Individuals can begin taking re-certification courses 1 year before their certification expires. Any course(s) taken prior to the 1 year mark will not be accepted.

No Exam is required for any of the Re-Certification courses.
Each course listed below meets the criteria for continuing education and has been approved by the GA Soil & Water Commission for 4 Hours of instruction.


All cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to the class date. No refunds will be given to those who register and fail to attend. You may substitute someone in your place.

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